Protect Yourself This Cold and Flu Season

It’s nearly that time of year again – the dreaded cold and flu season. For most, enduring the sniffles, aches and pains of the common cold is just a minor inconvenience though catching the flu can be more serious. Chances are, if you don’t take proactive steps to prevent it, you will catch it. To […]

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Managing Summer Chaos

    While kids long for the freedom of summer, it doesn’t quite bring about the same feelings for parents. Juggling children, carpooling to camp and doing household chores with little ones under foot can be overwhelming and lead to a chaotic couple of months. Below are some great tips to help you manage summer […]

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Pesto Potato Salad - Little Potato Company -

Pesto Potato Salad

My father-in-law is from PEI so potatoes are basically considered their own food group in their house. Baked, mashed, fried, you name it. My son seems to be taking after him, he will often grab cold leftover potatoes out of the fridge for a snack and eat them straight up. My favorite potatoes have always […]

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Chinese Egg Drop Soup - #52soups

Chinese Egg Drop Soup – #52Soups

I am always trying to gently get my kids to try new and different foods. I tell them that we are going to be food adventurers. This idea often works pretty well with my kids. They don’t always like what they try, but sometimes they do. And they are more willing to try when it […]

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